800 Vine Advocacy

Chinatown Land Taken 40 Years Ago – Discussions Reopen to Redress the Wrongs of the Past Many may not know that the parking lot at the 800 block between Race and Vine […]

Crane Chinatown – Evolution of a Name

Crane Chinatown – Evolution of a Name Eastern Tower is now Crane Chinatown 鼎華居. For years, the people of Chinatown dreamed of a place where children could play, where our […]

Crane Chinatown is Hiring

Crane Chinatown is Hiring Join the team at Crane Chinatown! PCDC is partnering with Buzzuto property management. We are seeking candidates for Sales & Marketing Associate. Bilingual candidates are strongly […]

Crane Chinatown Update

Crane Chinatown Monthly Update What would you like to do at Crane? Crane is your Community Center. We invite you to tell us what activities you want to see at […]