Family Support Services

Helping immigrant families access better housing, health care, and wellness.

Many of our families struggle with prolonged unemployment/underemployment and depleted financial savings, but they do not know how to access public services or face cultural and language barriers. PCDC’s Family Support Services helps low-income families to meet basic needs such as food and shelter in order to get on the path to financial stability.

PCDC is your one-stop-shop for resourcesprovides free family support service for low to moderate income families with the assistance to navigate and access resources and assistance programswhich includes housing counseling and benefit access. Our goal is to help family lower their housing cost, which save money and improve housing situation and increase sustainability. Service includes but not limited to: Assess needs and financial situation, search for affordable rental housing, homebuying, foreclosure prevention, develop goals and budget, review credit reports, create action plan, provide resource, and assist in applying for low-income assistance programs.  

If your employment status changes or your household income decreases, you might qualify for some assistance programs to reduce your living cost. There are programs funded by federal, state, local, non-profits or for-profits. So not all programs are public benefits or become a public charge.

Here is the list of assistance programs you would want to consider applying, but not limited to: 

To request service from PCDC, you can:  

  1. Schedule one-on-one counseling session so our counselor can fully assess your needs and provide resources on how to lower your housing cost and apply for eligible assistance programs.  

To schedule an appointment, please call PCDC hotline 215-922-6156 or visit our Crane Community Center. You will be requested to submit a list of documents before we can schedule an appointment.  

  1. Come to Crane Community Center on Mondays or Tuesday for our walk-in service. Our counselor will provide quick service between 10 AM to 4 PM. First come first serve. You must bring all your documentations need for the service you need, limited to apply for one benefit due to the time constraints. (Building doors open at 9 AM, please do not enter the building before 9 AM)  

Crane Community Center: 1001 Vine St, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia PA 19107  

PCDC Service hotline (Monday to Friday 9 Am to 5 PM) 215-922-6156 (If no one answer or busy, please call back later.)