Neighborhood Planning

Neighborhood Planning

Click here to read the most recent 10-year Chinatown Neighborhood Plan (2017). 

Since the Vine Street Street Expressway, PCDC has represented Chinatown in matters of zoning and development. As Chinatown’s Registered Community Organization, we work with City agencies and community members to ensure that Chinatown has a voice in land use and development matters. From promoting best practices for land use, to collecting community feedback on zoning map updates, we are devoted to community-driven, community-engaged efforts to preserve, protect and promote Chinatown.

PCDC hosts neighborhood planning meetings that give the public the opportunity to vote on proposed developments for Chinatown. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM on Zoom. All are welcome to participate. The zoning variances in discussion for each month can be found by signing up for PCDC’s newsletter, or online:

Project Spotlight

In 2019, PCDC partnered with PolicyLink to conduct a policy advocacy project – Chinatown Future Histories: Public Space and Equitable Development. The final report and other information about the project can be found here.

PCDC also actively works to develop innovative uses for Chinatown’s public space includes 10th Street Plaza and the Chinatown Parklet located on 10th and Cherry Street.

Neighborhood Planning

10th Street Plaza

Chinatown Parklet

Chinatown Parklet, 10th & Cherry Street

PCDC in collaboration with Friends of the Rail Park held “Chinatown Community Dinners”,  3 community dinner conversations in fall/winter 2017 in the Chinatown community, including the Callowhill neighborhood. Served family style, these intimate (12 people each) “get to know your neighbor” dinners will build shared understandings among neighbors (with a focus on how the Rail Park could support and impact neighborhoods), build a sense of community ownership/stewardship for the Rail Park, and support equitable development in the neighborhoods surrounding the Rail Park and across the city. Funding provided by the Knight Foundation, Re-Imagining the Civic Commons grant.

Below is a short preview, for a more in depth look please visit:

Dinner 1:

Dinner 2:

Dinner 3:

Short Preview of the Chinatown Community Dinners