Promotion & Events

PCDC continued its well-oiled line-up of events celebrating and promoting the neighborhood. These events includes the Chinatown Night Market, the annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Festival and Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square Park, and the Chinese New Year Festival. These promotions have united our small businesses and encouraged a community-based rather than individual mindset.

PCDC 繼續舉辦一系列精心策劃的活動來慶祝和宣傳社區。 這些活動包括華埠夜市、富蘭克林廣場公園一年一度的亞太裔美國人傳統月節,中國彩燈節以及中國新年節。 這些促銷活動將我們的小型企業團結起來,並鼓勵以社區為基礎而不是個人的思維方式。

Chinatown Night Market is a smorgasbord of citywide and local food vendors and performers. This street fair celebrates the city and Chinatown’s ethnic restaurants and dynamic neighborhood.


The Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Festival takes place annually during Asian American month in May. The outdoor festival transforms the city’s historic Franklin Square park, and features entertainment including traditional Asian dances, local food vendors, a children’s fair and health fair, and an after-dusk film festival screening Asian American films.


As the lunar calendar turns a new page, the Chinatown community comes together during the Chinese New Year celebration. This cherished annual event, among the highlights of our neighborhood’s calendar, epitomizes the spirit of unity and cultural pride. The Chinese New Year Festival embodies our commitment to celebrating our heritage, supporting local businesses, and fostering a strong sense of community.

隨著農曆翻開新的一頁,華埠社區聚集在一起慶祝中國新年。 這項珍貴的年度活動是我們社區日曆上的亮點之一,體現了團結精神和文化自豪感。 中國新年體現了我們對慶祝我們的傳統、支持當地企業和培養強烈的社區意識的承諾。