EXPO 2024

Welcome to the 2024 EXPO!

PCDC is pleased to announce its 15th annual “PCDC EXPO” on Saturday, June 15th, 2024. We would like to invite you back to our event to share resources to our underserved community. Something new this year is we will provide onsite service for our community members, including benefits and programs application assistance. You are welcome to join us as exhibitors, service providers or sponsors. If you could provide any of the onsite services, we would greatly appreciate it. The purpose of this event is to showcase various service providers that serve the Asian community including Housing, Social Services and Youth programs, and to connect new providers with a chance to outreach to the members of the Chinatown community. We are ensuring that attendees of the event will leave with better knowledge about social services, financial services related to the community and agencies who are partners of PCDC. We hope to provide resources to help families get back on their feet during and after the pandemic.

2024 年 6 月 15 日星期六舉辦第 15 屆年度「PCDC EXPO」。今年的新變化是我們將為社區成員提供現場服務,包括福利和計劃申請協助。這項活動的目的是展示為亞洲社區提供服務的各種服務提供者,包括住房、社會服務和青年計劃,並為新的提供者提供接觸唐人街社區成員的機會。我們確保活動參與者在離開時能夠更好地了解社會服務、與社區相關的金融服務以及作為 PCCDC 合作夥伴的機構。我們希望提供資源,幫助家庭在疫情期間和之後重新站起來。


Marketing Outreach Materials To Share

Here is the link to see the Marketing Outreach Materials. Feel free to download for any marketing purposes. Please click HERE to open. 請查看鏈接以獲取市場推廣材料。歡迎下載並用於任何推廣目的。請點擊 此處 打開。

Activity 活動

  • Raffle Drawing 抽獎
  • City ID 城市ID
  • Health Screening: Physical Therapy, Cancer, Dental, Hepatitis B, General Health 健康檢查:物理治療、癌症、牙科、B型肝炎、整體健康
  • Activity Corner 活動角
  • Fire Truck Exhibit 消防車展覽

We are glad to announce that City ID is joining PCDC EXPO 2024 this year. Municipal IDs recognize identification cards are essential for residents to be able to access basic needs, including entering city buildings, interacting with law enforcement, opening a bank account, and receiving certain health and social services. We welcome everyone to come and learn more.

City ID 今年將參加 PCDC EXPO 2024。市政身份證識別卡對於居民能夠滿足基本需求至關重要,包括進入市政建築、與執法機構互動、開設銀行賬戶以及獲取某些健康和社會服務。歡迎大家前來了解。


Event Sponsors

Event Supporters


2024 PCDC EXPO Registered Exhibitors 註冊參展商

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