Chinatown PlayZa

KABOOM! Chinatown PlayZa Project

PCDC is partnering with TinyWPA and mural artist Chenlin Cai to transform 10th Street Plaza into a safe and fun play space for children in Chinatown. The project will include a interactive ground mural and playful seating area. The design features Chinatown’s local history and culture, and the bilingual game prompts will encourage caregiver-child interaction, literacy learning, and speaking and listening communication skills. The project is supported by KABOOM!’s Play Everywhere award, which is funded by the William Penn Foundation.
PCDC 與 TinyWPA 和壁畫藝術家蔡陳林合作,將十街廣場改造成華埠兒童的安全有趣的玩樂空間。 該項目將包括互動地面壁畫和有趣的座位區。 設計以華埠的當地歷史和文化為特色,雙語遊戲提示將鼓勵家長與孩子的互動、識字學習以及口語和聽力溝通技巧。 該項目得到了 KABOOM! 的 Play Everywhere 獎項支持,該獎由 William Penn 基金會資助。

Chinatown PlayZa Conceptual Design

We are hosting a Community Mural Paint Day on Sunday, Sept. 26th! Come and paint the mural with the artist and other community members! Click here to register!
我們將在 9 月 26 日星期天舉辦社區壁畫日! 快來與藝術家和其他社區成員一起繪製壁畫吧! 點擊這裡註冊

In Spring 2021, we conducted community engagement with neighborhood kids. The project is planned to be completed by Fall 2021.
2021 年春季,我們與社區裏的孩子進行了互動。 該項目計劃於2021年秋季完成。

Community Engagement – Building Activity
社區參與 – 建造活動
Community Engagement – Draw Chinatown Icons
社區參與 – 畫出華埠圖標
Community Engagement – Identify Spatial Preferences
社區參與 – 確認空間喜好