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Ai Love Chinatown Live Video Series

Join us as we tour and taste from shops and stores local favorites, beloved classics, and modern twists all located right here in Chinatown. #AiLoveChinatown Live is a video series that will make it almost impossible not to head on over to Chinatown just to try and taste for yourself!

Episode 1: Congee

Learn how to shop in one of Chinatown's Asian grocery stores for ingredients to make congee.

Episode 2: Tea

Explore three different types of tea you can get in Chinatown: medicinal, traditional, and modern.

Episode 3: Noodles

Discover world of noodles at two of Chinatown's specialty noodle restaurants.

PCDC's Community Projects

Chinatown Connections: Safe Routes to Schools and Parks

Read more about our Chinatown Connections: Safe Routes to Schools and Parks project and plan here.

Go, Go, Go Celebrate Chinatown!

Go, Go, Go Celebrate Chinatown! Presented by PCDC and AARP.

Staying Put: Stories of Chinatown’s Resistance

On December 4, 2018, PCDC premiered “Staying Put: Stories of Chinatown’s Resistance” at Scribe Video Center’s 2018 Precious Places Community History Project World Premiere at the Lightbox Film Center. Read more about this here.