The Promise

PCDC joins the No One Left Behind (NoLB) Coalition with ACANA and Southwest CDC for The Promise PHL

October 2021 — PCDC’s collaboration with United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey and #ThePromisePHL is allowing us to help our constituents and community members like never before! 

We’ve partnered with the Africa Cultural Alliance of North America (ACANA) as member of their No One Left Behind (NoLB) Coalition which will leverage resources from ACANA, PCDC, and Southwest CDC to reach the maximum impact for low-income, immigrant communities across the city.

The poverty rate for Asian Philadelphians is 23.1% vs. 12.7% for White Philadelphians (2019, The Pew Charitable Trusts), that’s why our work with The Promise is essential to the Philadelphia’s Chinese immigrant community

As a proud coalition member, PCDC looks forward to delivering bilingual services to ensure our community has equitable access to public benefits, tax prep, financial and housing counseling, rental assistance, and basic needs.

“We treat this (#ThePromisePHL) partnership like a franchise where the client has multiple locations where they can go…No matter which of our doors you walk into you will be able to access the same services.” – John Chin, Executive Director 

Read more about how PCDC’s partnership with The Promise PHL is helping to alleviate poverty in our community here

費城華埠發展會(PCDC)与北美非洲文化聯盟(ACANA)和西南社區發展會(Southwest CDC)一起加入”一個都不能少”(NoLB)联盟的承诺

2021年10月 — 費城華埠發展會已經與United Way和Poverty Action Fund一起做出 “承諾”。費城是美國最貧窮的大城市,但我們的目標和 “承諾 “的目標是通過與像費城華埠發展會這樣的社區組織合作來改變這一狀況。

我们与北美非洲文化联盟 (ACANA) 合作,作为”一個都不能少”(NoLB)联盟的成员,该联盟将利用来自北美非洲文化聯盟(ACANA)、費城華埠發展會(PCDC)和西南社區發展會(Southwest CDC)的资源为全市的低收入、移民群体带来最大的利益。 作为一名自豪的联盟成员,費城華埠發展會(PCDC)期待提供双语服务,以确保我们的社区群众能够公平地获得公共福利、税务准备、财务和住房咨询、租赁援助和基本需求。

亞裔費城人的貧困率為23.1%,而白人費城人的貧困率為12.7%(2019年, The Pew Charitable Trusts ),這就是為什麼我們與The Promise的合作對費城的華人移民社區至關重要。


“我們把這種(#ThePromisePHL)合作關係視為特許經營,客戶可以前往多個地點……無論您走進我們的哪一扇門,您都將能夠獲得相同的服務。” – 執行董事陳國賢 (John Chin)

閱讀更多有關PCDC與The Promise PHL的合作夥伴關係如何説明減輕我們社區的貧困的資訊 請點擊此處。.