$1-a-Day Cleaning Program

Keeping Chinatown’s commercial corridor clean, litter-free, and welcoming for all!  保持華埠商業走廊清潔、無垃圾、歡迎所有人!

Just $1-a-day? Yes! For just $365 per year ($1 a day), you can support clean streets for Chinatown to bolster COVID-19 recovery and revitalization for small businesses. Since 2011, PCDC’s $1-a-Day cleaning program has been providing the only street cleaning service for Chinatown’s commercial corridor. The program is partially supported by donations from local businesses and individuals.

每天只需 1 美元? 是的! 每年只需 365 美元(每天 1 美元),您就可以支持華埠的清潔街道,以促進小型企業的 COVID-19 恢復和振興。 自 2011 年以來,PCDC 的每日 1 美元清潔計畫一直為華埠商業走廊提供唯一的街道清潔服務。 該計劃的部分支持來自當地企業和個人的捐款。

$1-a-Day cleaning staff record a “Happy Lunar New Year!” message for PCDC’s 2021 Virtual Chinese New Year Celebration.

每天一美元的清潔工記錄下“農曆新年快樂!” PCDC 2021 年綫上農曆新年慶祝活動致詞。

Our $1-a-Day cleaning staff aren’t just staff, they’re also community members and part of the PCDC family! Next time you’re in Chinatown, you might see our hard-working, brightly-dressed staff sweeping up litter, watering flowers at 10th St plaza, and keeping Chinatown clean. Our cleaning staff are essential to PCDC’s Ai Love Chinatown Campaign support Chinatown COVID-19 recovery by keeping Chinatown welcoming to customers and visitors.

我們每天 1 美元的清潔人員不僅僅是員工,他們也是社區成員和 PCDC 大家庭的一部分! 下次來到華埠時,您可能會看到我們辛勤工作、衣著鮮豔的工作人員在十街廣場清掃垃圾、澆花,並保持華埠清潔。 我們的清潔人員對於 PCDC 的「愛中國城」運動至關重要,他們確保華埠歡迎顧客和遊客,支持華埠 COVID-19 的恢復。

$1-a-Day cleaning staff are vital to the commercial development of Chinatown


To keep our Chinatown streets clean, we need your help and support!

All donations are tax deductible. Your donations help us leverage matching funds from the City of Philadelphia.

Membership Levels:

$95 for 3 months

$185 for 6 months

$365 for the year

To support our $1-a-Day Cleaning Program, please donate through our website or make checks payable to PCDC.


所有捐款均可免稅。 您的捐款有助於我們利用費城市的配套資金。


3 個月 95 美元

6 個月 185 美元

年費 365 美元

為了支持我們每天 1 美元的清潔計劃,請透過我們的網站捐款或支票抬頭為 PCDC。

Thank You $1-a-Day Supporters

PCDC would like to thank all of the following businesses and individuals for their continual support in providing a cleaner and safer Chinatown!

If you are interested in supporting our cleaning team, please email hshang@chinatown-pcdc.org or call (215) 922-2156.

感謝每天 1 美元項目的支持者


如果您有興趣支持我們的清潔團隊,請發送電子郵件至 hshang@chinatown-pcdc.org 或致電 (215) 922-2156。

365-Day Members:

4 Seasons Seafood LLC

Asia Crafts, Inc.

Bennies Poultry & Meat Purveyor Inc.

Bubblefish Bubble Tea & Sushi

Cecilia Moy Yep

Chinatown Learning Center

Choi and Company, Inc.

David’s Mai Lah Wah Restaurant

East Asia Noodle Co.

Glenn Mark

Good Good Comedy LLC

Herbal Emporium

Joy Tsin Lau, Inc.

Long Life Chinese Herbs

Luen Fong Produce Inc.

PC First Realty Inc.

Perfect Cut Hair Salon

Pho Xe Lua Viet Thai

Shelly Electric Company Inc.

Tai Lake Restaurant

Terakawa Ramen

Ting Wong Restaurant

Tuck Hing Company

Wong Mark Partnership

180-Day Members:

Abacus Federal Savings Bank

Nine Ting Restaurant