PCDC Board of Directors 2017-2018


Margaret M. Chin, Chair

Harry Leong, Vice Chair
Chinese Christian Church and Center
Philadelphia SUNS 

Philip Wan, Treasurer
Ernst &  Young, LLP

Katherine Ngee, Secretary
Worlco Computer Resources, Inc. 


Martin H. Chan
Martin H. Chan PC

Michael Chow
Sang Kee Restaurant

Yuan Huang
City of Philadelphia, Mayor’s Office

Wai Man Ip
Chinese Culture & Arts

Ms. L. Lew

George P. Moy 
PCDC President Emeritus

Gary Ng
Neff Surgical Pharmacy

Philip A. Sheau 

Joyce Sun

Anthony J. Wong 
Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Emeritus

Carol Wong, M.E.D 
Chinatown Learning Center

Cecilia Moy Yep 
PCDC Founder
PCDC Executive Director Emeritus