Power Up Your Business Comes to Chinatown: Social Media Marketing Workshop

Power Up Your Business Comes to Chinatown: Social Media Marketing Workshop

Based on an article from Forbes, “How Social Media Can Move Your Business Forward”, written in May of 2018, it was stated that there are 4.02 billion internet users in the world. With that many people surfing the internet, it is no surprise that social media is becoming a dominant way of attracting and retaining customers and clients for both small and large businesses.

On February 27th, PCDC and the Community College of Philadelphia’s Power Up Your Business program partnered to provide small business owners with a workshop on social media marketing. Set up in the seating area at Chinatown Square, David Simons of Kingdom Social Media, spoke with small business owners on the value of storytelling through different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Business owners were also introduced to the Commerce Department Business Service Manager, Ting Wang, and Yelp representative, Christen Cosmas.

Power Up Your Business is a FREE, neighborhood-based approach to support small business owners in Philadelphia. Power Up Your Business consists of the Store Owner Series and the Peer-based Learning Experience. The Store Owner Series offers workshops for small businesses to help them run and manage their business more effectively. The workshops are held in various neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. The Peer-based Learning Experience is a 12-week course in small business management and planning where business owners will gain tools needed to run a successful business and develop a tactical improvement plan.

To learn more about Power Up Your Business, please visit: http://bit.ly/2hdnkHJ or call 215-496-6151.

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