Crane Chinatown – Evolution of a Name

Crane Chinatown – Evolution of a Name

Eastern Tower is now Crane Chinatown 鼎華居. For years, the people of Chinatown dreamed of a place where children could play, where our elders could gather and where the community could thrive. This dream is about to become a reality. 

Eastern Tower began as a vision for our community – a place to connect, to grow, to be inspired. The dream grew, to become a destination – to unite in all aspects of our lives. Crane Chinatown will bring three developments – the Chinatown Community Center, the Residences and the Plaza to our community. This building needed an inspiring name to rise toward the future. Crane emerged as the symbol of a Chinatown which is rooted, forward thinking, proud, and inclusive. The new Chinese name 鼎華居emerged from a collaborative process – discussions involving all aspects of the community with over 30 names considered.  鼎華居 reflects a grand spirit of determination, of renaissance and prosperity, a community poised for a great future centered in this new building.

This spring, the newly renamed Crane Chinatown 鼎華居will take off, with the opening of the Residences. Are you looking for retail or office space for your business? See what we have to offer with custom fit-out and favorable leases. But the heart of the building is the Chinatown Community Center – a central place for our community and a new venue to host celebrations and events. With the catered banquet seating for 500, a dance floor and views of the Center City skyline Crane Chinatown 鼎華居 offers the largest indoor event space in the neighborhood.

Chinatown Community Center will open in September – expanding our programs with basketball, badminton, volleyball culture and more. Meeting rooms where children, teens and seniors can learn from each other and create new opportunities are just the beginning. We invite you to be a part of our plans to create a center that serves the entire community.

Crane Chinatown 鼎華居 Dream. Build. Soar.

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