Winter is the season of giving, and PCDC would like to thank all of the following businesses and individuals for their continual support in providing a cleaner and safer Chinatown!

For just $1-a-Day, PCDC can maintain a street cleaning team that will clean our streets daily, report illegal trash dumping, report and clean graffiti, and educate and outreach on trash issues. To keep our Chinatown streets clean, we need your help and support! All donations are tax deductible. Please donate and make checks payable to PCDC: $95 for 3 months, $185 for 6 months, or $365 for the year.
If you are interested in supporting our cleaning team, please email or call (215) 922-2156.

Yearly Members:
Abacus Federal Savings Bank
Bennies Poultry & Meat Purveyor Inc.
Cecilia Moy Yep
Central City Eyecare
Chinatown Learning Center
East Asia Noodle Company
Glenn Mark
Herb Emporium
Joy Tsin Lau, Inc.
Heng Fa Food Market
Long Life Chinese Herbs
Martin H. Chan, P.C.
Neff Surgical Pharmacy
Nine Ting Restaurant
Ocean City Restaurant
On Lok House
PC First Realty Inc.
Pearl Condominium
Sang Kee Peking Duck House
Shelly Electric Company
Sleep Inn Center City
Tai Lake Restaurant
Vietnam Palace Restaurant
Wong Mark Partnership
Xi’an Sizzling Wok LLC
Yakitori Boy
6 Month Members:
Choi and Company, Inc.
3 Month Members:
Heng Fa Food Market
E Mei Restaurant
May’s Skin Care Center
WS Tax Service Inc.