Chinatown Neighborhood Plan

Chinatown Neighborhood Plan

2017 will be an exciting year for Chinatown! PCDC is updating the Chinatown Neighborhood Plan, which will guide development in the community bounded by Spring Garden, 13th, Filbert, and 8th. The surveying process is currently underway. With your participation, we will get a good picture of how our neighborhood has changed since the last plan and which areas we should channel our focus in the years to come.
Community participation is essential to ensure that the Plan reflects what you want. Would you prefer a focus on more businesses, more affordable housing, different sanitation procedures, more events, or more streetscaping? Are there any particular blocks of the neighborhood that you’d like to see preserved, or renovated? Participate in our surveying and shape the future of your community.
Current surveying events:

Tell Us What You Think About the Neighborhood and Get a Free Drink

On Wednesday, January 18th, from 5-8pm, stop by the Trestle Inn at 11th and Callowhill Street, and get a free beer for filling out a survey.

On December 6th, PCDC launched a 9-month process to create a new Chinatown Neighborhood Plan (including Callowhill, Chinatown and Chinatown North). We’ve hired a local consultant team, Interface Studio (in the Wolf Building), which will facilitate this process.

The process will include many opportunities for community members to tell us what they think the neighborhood needs, where improvements should be targeted, and what the neighborhood means to them. There are comment boxes placed around the neighborhood where you can fill out a survey.

If you appreciate beer, love Chinatown and want to support a local business, come out and say, “hi.”

Thanks to Trestle Inn, a neighborhood business, for hosting this special event! (No shows will be ongoing during this event.)

Time Sensitive: PCDC Neighborhood Survey


If you live in Callowhill or Chinatown, you know best what changes you want to see in your neighborhood. Every 5 years, you have the chance to decide what your community development organizations will work on—
but you have to speak up!

If you are aged 18 or over and a resident of Callowhill or Chinatown, complete the PCDC Neighborhood Survey online:

English 英文版 :
Chinese 中文版: 
Your response helps us create a Neighborhood Plan that best serves your priorities for the neighborhood. A higher response rate also gives us more power to push for the projects you want. We need your address (including unit number) to help us prevent duplicate responses per household, but all responses are confidential and only aggregate data will be released.
Tell PCDC and the government what changes you want to see in the neighborhood, such as more affordable housing development, improved sanitation and safety, or more events. Current PCDC projects include 94 units of affordable housing for the formerly homeless, developed with Project H.O.M.E. at 810 Arch Street, our $1-a-Day street cleaning program, and the Yè Shì night market and Chinese New Year events which draw over 25,000 visitors a year.

Survey ends January 31, 2017.

Look out for the Neighborhood Plan Open Forums in 2017.