Community Safety: Assault Incident & Business Security Camera Program

Community Safety: Assault Incident & Business Security Camera Program

On Tuesday, November 14th, a group of three teenagers, approximately 5’ 6”, assaulted a student on 10th Street between 5:30PM and 6:00PM, in an attempt to steal the student’s phone.

On the evening of the next day, Wednesday, November 15th, two students were assaulted by the same group of teenagers at 8th and Arch Street.

Through the help of neighboring businesses and restaurants, information about persons of interest in the attack was received through commercial security cameras. Thanks to security camera footage and the work of the 6th District Police, the teenagers were quickly apprehended a few days later.

Security cameras are an important way to protect not only your business and customers, but also your community from harm and harassment. The City of Philadelphia’s Commerce Department is offering the Business Security Camera Program which seeks to make businesses safer for shoppers and the community through the installation of surveillance cameras.

This program reimburses up to 50% of the total cost of eligible improvements. (The maximum award for a single commercial property is $3,000.)


  • Any commercial property is eligible for security camera installation
  • Cameras must be installed on the outside of buildings
  • After installation, participants must register their system online with the Police Department SafeCam program

Interested business owners can contact Lamei Zhang at or (215) 922-2156 for more information.