Trash Removal during the Holidays

Trash Removal during the Holidays

If there is a holiday, trash pickup day is pushed back one day. For example: If your trash is normally picked up on Thursday, and a holiday is celebrated on or before trash pickup day within the same week, your trash will be picked up on Friday.

Please see below for all upcoming holidays:

  • Christmas (Monday, December 25th)
  • New Year’s Day (Monday, January 1st)
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday, January 16th)

The trash schedule will return to the regular pickup schedule the week after the holiday.


Best Practices for Trash Disposal during the Winter Months

Below are several winter reminders to ensure your safety, and that your trash and recycling gets collected.

  • Exposed wet items will freeze to your dumpsters in these cold winter temperatures. Please close your lids! You can also try sprinkling some ice melt INSIDE of your containers to help prevent items from freezing to your dumpster.
  • Do not block access to your dumpsters/trash with excess snow. This includes gates, corral and the path to direct access.
  • Check for trash collection schedule changes. Heavy snow accumulation, icy roads and poor visibility in snowstorms can make it necessary for waste removal to be postponed for safety reasons. Call your service provider before you cart your trash out to the curb.
  • Be aware of snow plows. Make sure your bins are placed safely, clearly visible to snowplow operators and far enough from the edge of the street that they aren’t in the way, and that lids are secure, just in case they are nudged by snow pushed aside by the plow.