Chinatown Neighborhood Plan Progress: What’s Happening?

Chinatown Neighborhood Plan Progress: What’s Happening?

In December 2016, PCDC launched a 9-month process to update the Chinatown Neighborhood Plan. This plan will guide development in the community bounded by Spring Garden, 13th, Filbert, and 8th, advocate for fair housing resources, and reconnect the Chinatown community divided by the Vine Street Expressway. A local consultant team, Interface Studio, is facilitating this process.

Community participation is essential to ensure that the Plan reflects the community’s vision. We are currently under the
process of collecting opinions and concerns from the residents and small businesses from the local community, as well as
members of local groups.

Some of the past events we’ve held to encourage community engagement include:

  • Neighborhood surveys (completed 1/16/17)
  • Neighborhood Plan Happy Hour at the Trestle Inn (on 1/18/17)
  • Neighborhood Plan Forum (on 2/28/17)
  • Map exercise at On Lok House, Callowhill Neighbors Association, and PCDC focus group discussions

Look out for other opportunities to hear about the plan this summer! We would like to thank all who took and time and
effort to share their vision and feedback on Chinatown’s future.