Update on Chinatown Cultural Center


The Chinatown Cultural Center at 125 N. 10th Street has been empty since the non-profit that originally owned the building went defunct ten years ago. Scioli Turco was appointed a temporary conservator of the building and has petitioned a judge to list the property on the market with a realtor of their choosing. PCDC has requested that the property be listed by a local realtor, and that prospective owners of the property be required to propose a plan, preferably with uses that would benefit a working class, immigrant neighborhood. A hearing will be held on November 9th, 9:30 AM, in Courtroom 243, City Hall to determine whether or not the applicant can list the property for sale at this point. Interested parties are welcome to attend.

The property was previously used for nonprofit community purposes. If you are interested in reusing the building for the same goals, please reach out to Sarah Yeung at syeung@chinatown-pcdc.org.