The Dirtiest Street in Chinatown

PCDC has received complaints concerning the unsanitary conditions on Appletree Street. Bags of trash were overflowing from the dumpsters last month. Graffiti covered the walls and the stench from puddles of stagnant, dirty water make walking unpleasant. Dirty streets are not only aesthetically disagreeable; they attract rodents.

Let us work together to keep Chinatown clean.

PCDC is asking you to monitor your street and call Philly 311 (just dial 3-1-1 on your phone) or local authorities to report problems. Philly311 offers language assistance; please ask for it in your native language. After filing a report, please keep the case number to follow up.   You can contact Philly 311 by: 1) dialing 311 on your phone; 2) going to the website at; or 3) adding the app to your phone.


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