Take Charge of Your Own Health

Take Charge of Your Own Health


Healthcare is an important advantage to have especially in today’s economy. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers health security and insurance to Americans. ACA includes expanded healthcare coverage, lower healthcare costs, more primary care choices, and higher quality care.

To help the community better understand the basics of health insurance and tax-related matters, how to obtain health insurance and what health insurance is available for low income families and new immigrants, PCDC

hosted 5 health insurance workshops in September and October:

  1. 9/26 – Insurance Basics and Tax Related Matters @ PCDC
  2. 10/8 –  How to Apply For Health Insurance @ Tsu Chi Foundation Philadelphia Service Center
  3. 10/10 – Health Insurance for Low Income Families and New Immigrants @ PCDC
  4. 10/22 – Insurance Basics and Tax Related Matters @ Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC)
  5. 10/25 – How to Apply For Health Insurance @ PCDC


These workshops were led by PCDC staff and a federally certified navigator. Approximately 75 community members joined and learned about health insurance. We were pleased that some commented that the workshops were very beneficial and they would share the information they learned with their friends and families. If you missed these workshops, no worries. We still have one upcoming workshop on December 8th, which will cover Insurance Coverage and Preventive Care. PCDC has invited other health insurance providers/agents as guest speakers to provide information on their insurance coverage. Participants will have the chance to ask questions on the plans these providers provide.


Workshop:             “Insurance Coverage and Preventive Care”

Date:                       Thursday, December 8, 2016 @ 6:00 PM

Location:                 PCDC Office, 301-305 N. 9th Street

Free admission, refreshments will be provided.

In addition to these workshops, PCDC is partnering with Penn Asian Senior Services (PASSi) to offer NO COST  health insurance enrollment to our community.  If you need assistance applying for or renewing health insurance, or have health insurance related questions, please call PCDC at 215-922-6156.