PCDC Leads Tour to Penn Social Justice Students

Social Justice Students Learn About Chinatown Struggles

Dr. Scott Hanson’s University of Pennsylvania Social Justice Academy came to Chinatown to learn about its struggle for social justice. PCDC staff and interns led a history tour for 50 students – some were international students –who are taking an intensive three week program. For many this visit was their first to Chinatown. The tour offered a taste of what life is like here and an overview of the challenges that this community faces. Stops included the China Friendship Gate, Trocadero, On Lok Senior House, and Asia Supermarket. PCDC staff and interns explained the historical significance and social meanings of these sites.

The Chinatown tour has been a part of the Social Justice Academy’s curriculum. The tour highlights Chinatown’s urban development challenges for the neighborhood including the lack of space, affordable housing, and the small business economy. The class enjoyed bubble tea and a delicious lunch at Ocean City Restaurant.