Indego Bike Share

Indego Bike Share

Unlock Indego Bike Share, Unlock Philadelphia!

Have you seen those blue bikes on the street lately? Wonder what they are?

They’re part of the City of Philadelphia’s bike share program, Indego. Launched in 2015, Indego is a way for people who don’t own a bicycle to easily pick up and drop off a bike to where they need to go. It’s a great alternative to driving in traffic or waiting for public transit. There are over 100 docks around Center City and University City where you can find bicycles and return them.

Here’s how it works:

First, buy a pass from the Indego website or use the Indego app on your smartphone. You can choose from Indego30 ($17 per month), or Indego365 ($156 per year).

If you have a low-income ACCESS card, the prices are only $4 for Indego30 and $48 for Indego365, and you can pay with cash.

Next, find a bike dock. The nearest ones in Chinatown are located at 9th and Arch, 8th and Market, and 12th and Filbert. Use your phone number or credit card number to access a bike, and start riding!

You can ride free for one hour, and for $4 per hour after that. When you’ve arrived at your destination dock, simply park it back in a dock space, and you’re done! You can ride an unlimited number of times.

Indego also offers a number of classes throughout the year to help new and unfamiliar cyclists navigate city streets confidently. Find upcoming dates at