Home Improvement/Repairs Programs available to low-income families!

Home Improvement/Repairs Programs available to low-income families!

As a new homeowner, you’ve made an important investment in your future. You have a place that you and your family can call your very own. Being a homeowner brings tremendous
satisfaction, but also comes with great responsibilities. Maintaining your home can be a burden when you lack financial

Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) offers Home Improvement Programs to low-income homeowners in Philadelphia. There are 3 programs to help homeowners remain their homes by improving the structural integrity, mechanical safety, energy efficiency, and accessibility of their home.

Basic Systems Repair Program

  • Homeowners only
  • Eligible Repairs – Emergency only
  • E.g.: Dangerous electrical conditions, such as overheating or sparking wiring or entire circuits that won’t stay on, leaking or broken sewer or water lines, violations from Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), Philadelphia Gas Work (PGW), PECO or Philadelphia License and Inspection (L&I), roof leaks which have caused a 4 sq. ft. or larger section of ceiling to collapse, structural repairs to exterior walls of home
  • Max Income – 150 % of poverty ($36,900/ family of 4)
  • Wait time – about 2 months

Adaptive Modifications Program

  • Permanent Physically Disabled Homeowners or renters (with permission of landlord)
  • Eligible Improvement or Repairs – Needed accessibility
  • E.g.: Accessible kitchens and bathrooms (such as lowered sinks, cabinets and countertops), stairway elevators, wheelchair lifts and ramps, railings, first-floor full and half-baths, widened doorways
  • Max Income – 50 % of AMI ($41,600/family of 4)
  • Wait time – about 2 years

Weatherization Assistance Program

  • Homeowners or renters (with permission of landlord and if tenant pays utilities)
  • Eligible Repairs – Insulation
  • E.g.: Window/door/basement/crawlspace air sealing,
    heater/pipe/duct wrapping, programmable thermostat,
    refrigerator replacement, energy education
  • Max Income – 200 % of poverty ($48,600/family of 4)
  • Wait time – not accepting applications

For more information, you can visit the PHDC website: www.phdchousing.org. To apply directly to PHDC, please call 215-448-2160. If you need assistance, PCDC has a bilingual (English and Chinese) Housing Counselor who can assist you; please call PCDC Wendy Lee at 215-922-6156 to schedule an appointment.