Free English Classes on WeChat with Class of America, COA

Free English Classes on WeChat with Class of America, COA

Class of America, COA is a non profit organization aimed at building a language learning and cultural exchange platform for Chinese people in the U.S. COA runs on volunteers, with graduates of the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and Temple University serving as core members. COA gathers educators of excellence and online learning resources on the East Coast US to provide Chinese English language learners in the US with greater learning opportunities and access.

COA has served thousands of the Chinese English learners since 2015, providing various levels of online English language classes to match their current English skill levels. COA uses WeChat, the popular online messenger app, as a platform for teaching students English. Using this technology, each class can admit up to 500 students and provide easy-access to teachers and instant interaction with other students. All class histories are recorded for reference.


Official WeChat: classofamerica