Fraud Alert: Fake Hotline Callback

From the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Office of Inspector General (OIG), recently learned that HUD Housing Discrimination Hotline numbers are being used as part of a telephone scam. These scammers can alter the appearance of the caller ID to make it seem as if the call is coming from a HUD Hotline number. The perpetrator will try to obtain or verify the victim’s personal information, which can then be used to steal money from a victim or other fraudulent activity.


  • Do not provide any personal information to unknown individuals, including your Social Security number, date of birth, credit card information, driver’s license number, bank information, or mother’s maiden name.
  • Do not verify your name or any other personal information. Be extremely cautious.
  • Do not give identify information by fax or over the phone to anyone offering you a grant.
  • Do not wire funds to cover the “fees” for the Federal grant or to process a complaint.
  • Do stop the call and tell the callers that you will call them back. Then call the number to see whether you are really being called by HUD. Write down the date, time, and phone number when you suspect a scam.
  • Do review the Federal Communication Commission’s guide to stopping unwanted calls at
  • Do file a report on OIG’s website ( or call the HUD OIG hotline at 1-800-347-3735 (toll free).