Design and Improvements Coming to Chinatown Public Space

PCDC has received a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) 2016 Neighborhood Place Maker Grant. The grant, which aims to support projects that “enhance public space and make communities more vibrant places to live and work” was awarded for PCDC’s proposed “10th and Vine Street Gateway Project.”

Design and Improvements

For this project, PCDC will add climbing plants, potted Chinese plants, and trees along Vine Street from 9th to 11th. PCDC will also introduce design elements to 10th Street Plaza for community activities, such as Chinese Chess. These developments will improve pedestrian safety and enjoyment along the Vine Street Expressway, which has historically deterred pedestrians from venturing from Chinatown Core to Chinatown North. PCDC is careful to ensure that the renovations will add to the unique cultural identity of the neighborhood.

The “10th and Vine Street Gateway Project” is one of many ways PCDC is working to bring together the Chinatown and Chinatown North communities. By doing so, PCDC hopes to combat the urban blight in Chinatown North/ Callowhill, provide space for growth of Chinatown businesses, and preserve the neighborhood as a place of opportunity for low-to-moderate income Asian immigrants.