Coming Soon: Neighborhood Planning Community Survey

How can you help your community without leaving your house?

Neighborhood Planning Community Survey

In late August this year, PCDC will be conducting a community-wide survey about the quality of life in Chinatown. Staff and volunteers will go door-to-door personally conducting this survey. If your house is randomly selected, you will be asked to share your thoughts and opinions about what you like the most about Chinatown, how Chinatown has changed in the past couple years, and what still needs improvement. All efforts help measure the improvements that have been made since the last survey and help PCDC focus on the parts of Chinatown that still need the most work. All you need to do is answer the door!

This is an important neighborhood project and PCDC can’t do it alone. If you are interested in volunteering to help administer the survey, please contact Rachel Mak at Volunteers need to be friendly, preferably bilingual, and willing to commit to a training session. It’s a great chance to go out and meet new people, have fun, and help improve Chinatown at the same time.