Community News:Ping An House Updates

Community News:Ping An House Updates

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PCDC has recruited a volunteer, Lisa Li, to conduct a computer class in Francis House of Peace, Ping An House starting on May 17th. The computer class will be conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday every week from 1 PM to 3 PM. The 1 – 2 PM will be the English session and 2 – 3 PM will be the Chinese session. All Ping An House residents are welcome to register for the computer class. If more residents show interest in attending, Lisa can arrange to conduct more sessions.

Ping An House has a mini library located in the 2nd floor in the computer room with two bookshelves. One is for Chinese books while the other one is for English books. These books are in various genres: drama, health, travel, series, poetry, anthology, dictionaries and journal.

More bookshelves will be set up in the 6th floor and more books will be available for Ping An House residents to read and enjoy by the end of May.

Thanks to the book donations by the residents of Ping An House and the community, especially the Free Library of Philadelphia through the connection of Mr. Ignatius Wang, which has donated more than 8 cases of books!