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On Friday, May 20th, staff and volunteers of PCDC were out at Philadelphia’s City Hall registering and educating voters and informing passersby about Chinatown. With the splendid weather, the Courtyard was lively with visitors and foot traffic. From 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., PCDC and the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs hosted the “Voting is Power” event, which included a number of cultural performances and events every hour, in addition to delicious meals from food trucks, The Whirly Pig and Chewy’s.

Filling the Courtyard with sounds of drums and cymbals, the day started off with a Chinese lion dance performance by the Philadelphia Suns, a Chinatown youth organization. Afterwards, Ms. Cheung and her students took the stage, elegantly displaying traditional Tai Chi techniques. Following Tai Chi, Indonesian dance group, The Modero Dance Company, attracted crowds with their rich choreography and attire. The day wrapped up with a series of popular K-Pop dance covers by L8NITE. The “Voting is Power” event was a great success, attracting over hundreds of people, registering new voters, and informing passersby about future events in Chinatown.