Chinatown Corner: Observations

PCDC periodically receives observations and comments about the community. In the past we have posted letters written to us in our newsletter. Comments may include suggestions on how to improve our community and complaints about existing conditions. This month PCDC received comments about safety concerns. We will schedule a town meeting with the police department.

  • Drivers are not stopping for pedestrians at the crosswalk located at 901 Wood Street. Automobiles must stop for pedestrians using any designated “pedestrian crosswalk” – this is the law. PCDC recommends that pedestrians call 911 to report the car license tag to the police if this happens. PCDC will notify the police about this complaint;
  • PCDC has received multiple complaints about a male trespasser loitering on the same private property, Hing Wah Yuen. One female resident was followed by a man wearing a grey bandana. Always call 911 if you see a trespasser on your private property. No one can enter private property without permission. Any common entrance, courtyard, and apartment entrance is private property, and you should call 911 if a stranger is on your private property. PCDC has notified the police about this situation;
  • Verizon has a sidewalk utility box cover that is propped up at 9th and Spring Streets. It is a hazard for pedestrians and especially children who can fall in. PCDC has tweeted @verizon.

You can send comments to and @PCDC_Events.