Zoning Matters

Zoning Matters

Below are the current and upcoming zoning matters within the Chinatown district. Zoning matters are presented to the community first, through public RCO meetings, before they are heard by the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA). Please feel free to attend an RCO meeting or ZBA hearing regarding any matter of interest. All ZBA hearings are held at One Parkway Building, 1515 Arch Street, 18th Floor.

PCDC’s Planning Committee meets at 6pm on the second Tuesday of each month as the Registered Community Organization (RCO) for the boundaries of 8th to 13th Street, Filbert to Spring Garden Street. The next meetings are as follows:

The next meeting is January 10th. Zoning matters start at 6:30pm.
January 10th
February 14th
March 14th
April 11th
May 9th

1. Address: 1001 Ridge Avenue
Appeal #: 29286 Permit #: 709245
Appeal Type: Special Exception
Scheduled Hearing Time: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 9:30am
Proposal: Permit for the erection of two (2) attached structures with green roofs (façade articulation must be complaint with §14-703(5) (b) (.1); on all building frontages > 100 ft. wide, at least 30% of the wall up to 25 ft. Above ground level must include ornamental/structural details, variations in planes, or transparent glazed area), size and location as shown on plan/application. For use as vacant commercial space (use registration required prior to occupancy – as per may not exceed 25% of gross floor area of building, retail may only be located on first floor, commercial services may be located on any floor) on the first floor in building 1, and multi-family household living (forty-eight (48) dwelling units) with fifteen (15) carport, and nine (9) spaces in an aboveground garage), including two (2) van accessible parking spaces, and sixteen (16) accessory bicycle parking spaces.

2. Address: 430-444 N 9th St
Appeal #: 28604 Permit #: 706257
Appeal Type: Zoning Variance, Use Variance
Scheduled Hearing Time: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 9:30am
Proposal: Permit to create three unit attached structures with roof decks for multi-family household living, with some design variations, from seven OPA accounts. Please see listing for details.
Decision: N/A