You Can Improve Pedestrian Safety in Chinatown

You Can Improve Pedestrian Safety in Chinatown

For a limited time, community members can report dangerous behavior and street environments in Chinatown to the City government through the Vision Zero Safety Map, which is the policy adopted by the City of Philadelphia to reduce traffic  deaths down to zero.

Please spend 2 minutes to report dangerous pedestrian conditions in the Chinatown area.

Click this link to vote on the safety map:

How to report a new dangerous condition:

  1. Click open the link, and drag the map to the area you want to report the problem
  2. Click the orange “Submit” button on the lower right section of the map, and a new window will appear on the right
  3. Fill in the detail of the issue in the new window (description of the issue, your home zip code, etc.)
  4. Click on the map to add a location for your issue
  5. Click the blue “report it” button to finish reporting the new issue

You can also just vote for a dangerous condition that is already shown on the map:

  1. Open the link, and drag the map to any of the area
  2. Click on any of the circled sign/icon located in the area, and a small window that provided detailed information for the reporting will appear on the right
  3. Click the “blue heart” button on the window to vote for the reported issue

If you are not sure what locations are dangerous, PCDC suggests voting iin these areas:

  • The crosswalks on Vine Street Expressway between 8th and 11th St (especially 8th and Vine St)
  • The part of Race St between 8th and 6th St, intersection
  • Intersection of Ridge Avenue, Callowhill St, and 10th St.

Please vote for any issue that has already been reported in those areas, or submit any new issue you hope to report. Thank you!