What To Do When You’re Surprised by a Medical Bill

What To Do When You’re Surprised by a Medical Bill

There are many kinds of surprises, but a large medical bill is one of the worst.  Don’t panic.  Here are our tips for negotiating with the medical provider.

First, find out if your insurance policy covers the particular type of medical service provided.  Then, check if your insurance information is correct and current with the said provider.

Client M came to PCDC for assistance.  On February 3rd, Client M called 911 and he was transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital.  He subsequently received a bill for $1,110.  There was no way the client could pay such a large amount.

Upon inspecting the bill, we noticed that in tiny letters, the words, “No insurance on file” on listed on the bottom of the bill, right on top of the much larger font for the “Amount Due.”  We called the number listed on the top of the bill, to give the client’s insurance information.

Client M does have Medicare, but his Access card number was not valid.  With his signature already on file, the caseworker sent the updated bill to Medicare.  There will be a 4-6 week wait before Medicare will cover a portion of the bill, usually 80%.  Client M will be responsible for the remainder.

~Hannah Lee,  PCDC Family Service Volunteer