What Chinatown Needs To Know About the Upcoming DNC

What Chinatown Needs To Know About the Upcoming DNC

Philadelphia will host the Democratic National Convention from July 25th to July 28th.
On Monday, June 13th, 2016 Chinatown residents, small business and restaurant owners met with individuals from the Managing Director’s Office, Office of Emergency Management, Commerce Department, Philadelphia Police Department, and Democratic National Convention Committee about the upcoming DNC convention. The community meeting was held at Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church where there was an open forum Q&A style, and residents voiced their concerns and questions about the event. The event was live-tweeted at PCDC’s twitter @PCDC_events. Below is a quick recap of the event and questions asked by business owners.

What: Democratic National Convention where delegates will gather to determine the official Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

When: July 25th – July 28th 2016

Who: Besides the delegates, there is expected to be over 50,000 people visiting the city of Philadelphia

Where: Event will be held each day during business hours at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Why does this matter: Because of the high volume of visitors, there is a great opportunity for business owners to capitalize on this event, and for residents to enjoy the surrounding events. The convention is expected to bring $360 million in revenue.

What you need to know:
• Should I plan to leave Philadelphia during the event?
No. According to the DNC committee, local residents should plan on staying in the city and enjoy the event. Brian Abernathy from the Managing Directors Office says that business owners should plan to stay open in order to highlight the city of Philadelphia.

• What are the parking restrictions during the event?
There will be parking restrictions on the west side of 11th to Broad Street, from Arch to Race Street. There will be a map available on the city’s website for reference.

• If the event is all day, should restaurant owners expect business?
Yes! The DNC will not be providing lunch to delegates and their families, restaurant owners should prepare for lunch and after dinner time guests.

• How can business owners promote during the event?
The DNC committee’s Jordan Schwartz encourages business owners to promote through hotel information desks, where most delegates and their families will be staying. The DNC committee is also promoting any deals or discounts that restaurants and businesses are holding for the convention, calling them #dncdeals. Contact the committee or promote on social media with the hashtags #dncdeals and #dnc2016 before and during the convention.

• What if I have more questions about the event?
Contact Philly311 before or during the event, Philadelphia’s non-emergency phone number. They will be open for extra hours during the convention. An operator can connect you to an interpreter if needed.

• How can I stay updated on future information?
Follow PCDC on Facebook, @chinatownpcdc for Instagram, and @PCDC_events on Twitter to stay updated on upcoming events and resources.
~Jenn Lam, PCDC Intern


These are the final days to maximize promotion of your business for the scheduled Democratic National Convention (DNC). Don’t miss out on free promotion to drive business to your venue.
The “Philadelphia Host Committee” for the DNC is encouraging businesses to use the hashtag #DNCDeals on their social media accounts to share information on twitter and Instagram about unique and exclusive deals or specials you may be offering during convention week to all the Convention attendees, media, residents and visitors. Use the hashtag to let visitors know that you are open late. Use the hashtag to tell people where to buy souvenirs; be creative.

In addition, the Philadelphia Host Committee will promote your exclusive deals, but you must register and register now. After your registration has been accepted your exclusive deals may be posted on; Phildnc.com, @PHLDNC2016 social media accounts, @VisitPhilly social media accounts, partner websites and in the local press. Phillyfunguide.com, visitphilly.com, uwishunu.com and PHLDNC.com will highlight some of the best deals, specials and exhibits during Convention week, so be creative.
If you are looking for ideas on how to promote your specials, go directly to http://www.phldnc.com/dncdeals/. You can promote a “DNC2016” three-course meal, a 12-course banquet, or create a special bubble tea drink for the DNC; and submit photos too. There is no cost to participate. Contact Betsy Lee at blee@chinatown-pcdc.org for more information.

DNC is the convention of the Democratic Party. It is convening in Philadelphia to nominate and confirm a candidate for president and vice president for the Democratic party. The convention will take place from July 25 to July 28.
Betsy Lee has been meeting with the Philadelphia Host Committee for the past several months to help promote Chinatown. PCDC has distributed Chinatown maps to the DNC and the hotels.