Update on AFFH and MOTO Nightclub

Update on AFFH and MOTO Nightclub

Update on AFFH

Affirmatively Further Fair Housing (AFFH) is a process that was mandated by US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for cities to adhere to the Fair Housing Act via assessments and actions to combat discrimination and segregation in housing opportunities. Philadelphia is the largest of the cities that are currently undergoing the first round of AFFH assessment.

Chinatown residents are encouraged to participate in this process to provide insight on what obstacles prevent them from accessing opportunities for good quality, affordable housing, as well as schools and transportation.

A report on how Philadelphia’s initial assessment of those obstacles for each community is due to be released on October 26 (at the time of preparing this newsletter for publication). PCDC strongly encourages residents to participate in the process and share their personal experiences of housing needs, where they live, where they want to live, and how it impacts their lives. Any interested individuals should reach out to Sarah Yeung at syeung@chinatown-pcdc.org.


Update on MOTO Nightclub

This past summer, PCDC reported that a new nightclub with a liquor license was to open at 1209 Vine Street at the end of November. Some of the concerns that were raised in light of this announcement were noise, parking, and crowd control.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) disregarded an official protest filed by PCDC on behalf of the neighborhood, and letters of opposition sent from local community groups, and approved the liquor license for the 1,000 person night club on August 31st.

Since that time, PCDC has been leading negotiations with the nightclub owner and operator to create a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) between the owner and PCDC, Callowhill Neighborhood Association, and the condominium board of the Old Shoe Factory Lofts. The agreement will enable the neighbors to hold the current or future operators accountable for negative issues; the owner has declared that the night club will not be a nuisance. PCDC will host a meeting in November for interested community members who want to learn how they can report and track any problems once the nightclub opens. Representatives from the 6th District, Councilman Squilla’s office, and State Senator Farnese’s office will also be present to discuss city resources. Be on the lookout for a future announcement about this meeting!