Tiered Assistance Program (TAP)

Tiered Assistance Program (TAP)

The 2017-2018 Tiered Assistance Program (TAP) is now accepting applications. PCDC will assist people in completing the TAP application. This program aims to help low-income households having problems paying the water bill. Please call PCDC at (215) 922-2156 to schedule an appointment.

You will need to bring the following information and documents with you to complete your application.

  • Proof of Residency
  • The Full Name, Dates of Birth, Social Security Numbers for all persons living in your home.
  • Proof of Income for members of your household. Please make sure you have one of the following for each source of income:
  • Previous year’s federal income tax return;
  • Pay stubs showing 30 consecutive days of income;
  • Benefit award letter or statement;
  • Income support statement from the individual providing

Tiered Assistance Program Eligibility

Must be:

  • Low income (For a household of four family members, the household income should be equal or below 36,900 USD)
  • Seniors
  • Having a special hardship that makes it difficult to pay their water bills.

To get more information on application eligibility, you can go to Philadelphia Water Department’s website on: beta.phila.gov/services/water-gas-utilities/water-bill-customer-assistance/

You can start your application on: www.philadelphiawater.org/water-bill-help/.

If you have any questions, you can also contact the Philadelphia Water Department by calling 215-685-6300.