Sidewalk Sale of Fresh Foods

Sidewalk Sale of Fresh Foods

To sell fresh fruits and vegetables outside of your store legally, a few requirements regarding health safety, presentation, and etiquette must be followed.

Here’s what you need:

· All the licenses that are already required to operate your store;

· A food establishment license, if you don’t already sell food;

· Additional requirements apply if you want to sell cut produce or install a new awning.

A few requirements to keep in mind:

· Produce must be covered by canopy or umbrella.

· Shelving and structures used to hold produce can stay outside overnight.

· No boxes or containers on the ground.

· Stands must be within 3 feet of building, abutting the property, and not curbside.

· Must have at least 6 feet (or at least half the sidewalk width, whichever is

greater) of unobstructed sidewalk space.

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