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Philly 311

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Find Graffiti? Contact Philly 311 for removal! They respond!

Along the neighborhood in Chinatown, ubiquitous graffiti welcome visitors: they are sprayed on the wall, the pavement, the lampposts, the doors… On June 11th, PCDC was again informed the presence of newly- painted graffiti by the $1-a-Day cleaning crew.

Upon receiving the report, PCDC quickly contacted 311, and submitted an online graffiti-removal request on the Philly 311 website. Days later, the City Department took initiative, and it is to our relief that now the graffiti could no longer be detected.

If you ever see graffiti, or wish Chinatown can be a cleaner place without Graffiti, please call 311 or submit an online request for graffiti removal.