PCDC Proud Community Partner of Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival

PCDC returns as a proud community sponsor of the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival which will run from May 9th to June 11th 2017. In addition to 1,500 silk lanterns, the festival will feature cultural performances by acrobats and folk dancers.

On February 28th, Historic Philadelphia hosted its press conference at the pavilion in Franklin Square. Preschoolers from the Chinatown Learning Center came and acted as special guests to the event. The event commemorated the return of the popular and family-friendly Chinese Lantern Festival. With a successful turnout of 92,000 visitors last year, Historic Philadelphia Inc. will be partnering with PCDC and restaurant owners in Chinatown to better engage the community and promote local businesses. Chinatown restaurants will receive exposure during the Chinese Lantern Festival and each restaurant will be given a 4-foot tall, light-up panda. In collaboration, restaurants will be providing free or discounted items for attendees of the Chinse Lantern Festival.

Of the 11 restaurants that will be participating in this cross-promotion, nine are based in Chinatown: Bubblefish, Fruit Life, Ice Land, Khmer Grill, Kurry Korner, Nine Ting, Philly Poke, Xi’an Sizzling Woks, and Yakitori Boy.