First Lunar New Year Celebration at the Rail Park

First Lunar New Year Celebration at the Rail Park

The opening of the Rail Park in June 2019 has spurred debates and discussions about its impact on Chinatown community. Many are worried that the new public park will be a stimulus for incongruous development, which leads to higher cost of living in the neighborhood, and eventually displacement of our community. However, the Rail Park provides a new public space for Chinatown community to enjoy and conduct activities.

Therefore, PCDC’s efforts around the Rail Park has two major goals, anti-displacement and equitable development, and pursuing inclusive programming at the Rail Park. The Lunar New Year Celebration at the Rail Park is the first attempt to achieve the second goal – making sure the Rail Park is an inclusive place to everyone to enjoy. Kudos goes to the Rail Park for its proactive stance on working to make sure that the Rail Park is for everyone; they invited PCDC to be a part of the planning for this celebration.

PCDC staff used display boards to educate the visitors to the event that the Park is located in a diverse community. The population around the Rail Park are consisted of different race, income level and age. The visitors were encouraged to contribute ideas to make the Park an inclusive space. Some popular ideas include Tai Chi, inclusive housing, foreign film night, community garden, and more signage at street level.

PCDC will continue to make efforts working with the Rail Park to be an asset and not a gentrifier for the Chinatown community.

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