Support PCDC

There are several ways to support the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation.

Become a General or Active member. All community residents and workers are considered General members of PCDC.  If you are not a Chinatown resident of worker, but would still like to become a member of PCDC, please come and apply for an Active membership.  Every fall, PCDC holds its annual Board of Directors election.  This is a time to use your membership to vote for candidates that you feel would make a strong contribution to the organization and to the community.

On PCDC Election Day, please bring the following documents with you to serve as your proof of residency or employment:

  • For residents – Driver’s license, W-2 form, utility bull of other official documents.
  • For workers – Personal business card, W-2 form, paycheck stub, substantiation of employment from a Chinatown employer or other official documents.

Become a donor. If you are interested in supporting PCDC’s mission, consider a tax-deductible donation. You may donate directly through the United Way Donor Choice.  PCDC’s Code No. is 00173.

If you are a federal employee, you can support our work by making a donation through the Philadelphia Area Combined Federal Campaign #68065. PCDC is now listed in the CFC book of Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley. CFC is one of the largest federally based charitable programs through which federal employees are able to pledge contributions conveniently on a continuous basis. For more information about the CFC of Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley, please click here.

The Annual Chinese New Year Banquet is another exciting way to get involved with the community, as well as attend a fun event!  Each year, the theme of the banquet changes, along with the Chinese zodiac theme for a particular Lunar year.  In the past, we have raised funds for the Chinatown Community Center, Sing Wah Yuen (11-units of affordable housing), social services, etc. Corporate sponsors, foundations, and individuals can decide at which level they would like to participate, keeping in mind the opportunities for visibility at the event.

Otherwise, a complete funding proposal, including detailed budgets, program and project descriptions, and staff resumes, for the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation is available to foundations and donors by request. Please contact Sarah Yeung, Program Development Associates, by email (, or by phone at 215-922-2156 for this and any other materials that are of interest.

Become a voice. Several times a year, the Chinatown community is faced with zoning matters that threaten the livelihood of the community.  In order to oppose these potentially harmful developments, PCDC must gather the community together to be prepared for action.  This might involve encouraging community residents and business owners who might be affected by these negative changes to attend Zoning Board hearings and submitting testimonies, sharing as to why these changes would impact their quality of life in adverse ways.  Those interested in finding their voice should keep abreast of all the zoning issues listed in PCDC’s monthly bi-lingual newsletter and contact PCDC for more information regarding hearing dates and times.

Become a volunteer. Translators are always needed to help residents with understanding utility bills, visiting non-Chinese speaking health care providers with patients in need, and for translating PCDC documents as needed.  If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity, please complete the volunteer form and send it to Rachel Mak’s attention.

Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corp.
301-305 North 9th Street,
Philadelphia., PA 19107
Fax: 215-922-PCDC (7232) or