About PCDC


Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC) is a grassroots, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our mission is to preserve, protect, and promote Chinatown as a viable ethnic, residential, and business community. 

Established in 1966, PCDC is the only institution in Chinatown that addresses the needs of urban renewal and affordable housing development. With our bilingual capacity, we are advocates for the 37,000 Chinese Americans in Philadelphia. PCDC provides a comprehensive approach to meet the need for cultural and economic development of the Chinatown commercial corridor. 

Our bilingual (English and Chinese) services  serve over 2,000 clients per year. Our language-accessible programs and resources help clients overcome language and cultural barriers to affordable housing, social services, economic revitalization, and neighborhood planning. 


To meet the needs of a low-income immigrant community, PCDC offers a comprehensive array of programs and projects that fall into five main categories: Neighborhood Planning, Community Organizing and Advocacy, the Chinatown Homeownership Initiative, Economic Revitalization, and Family and Youth Services.

Affordable Housing & Development

Since 1966, PCDC has developed over 400 units of mixed-use affordable housing including Mei Wah Yuen, Wing Wah Yuen, Hing Wah Yuen, Gim San Plaza, On Lok House, Francis House of Peace Ping’An House, and N 12th St. Family Homes.

Housing Counseling

Our HUD-certified housing counseling program provides free housing counseling service to low to moderate income families. Service includes but not limited to: 

  • Renters, homeowners, homebuyers one-on-one counseling and education
  • Navigating housing and non-housing resources
  • Assessing needs and financial situation,
  • Developing goals, budget and action plan,
  • Reviewing credit reports
  • Assisting in applying for assistance programs. 


Youth Services

Our youth services offer a Teen Club, with year-round academic after school OST program founded in 2008. PCDC offers free SAT classes, recreation, college and college trips, and career prep. Recreational activities take place at Crane Community Center (1001 Vine St.)

Family Support Services

Our family services help low-income families access better healthcare, housing, and wellness. The program includes our annual PCDC Expo, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), Chinatown Community Food Distribution events, and the Chinese Immigrant Family Wellness Initiative (CIFWI).

Neighborhood Planning & Advocacy

Our neighborhood planning and advocacy program aims to improve access to affordable housing, public space, and connectivity in Chinatown. PCDC leads community planning processes, implements the Chinatown Neighborhood Plan, and advocates for equitable development that benefits local residents and businesses.   

Small Business Assistance

Our main street program provides support to Chinatown’s 400+ businesses through economic revitalization and development. Support includes 

  • PCDC’s $1-a-Day street cleaning program,
  • Promotional events including YeShi Night market
  • Technical assistance
  • Free marketing and resources.

Message from the Director

Dear Friend of Chinatown,

PCDC is perhaps known best for defending Chinatown from development projects that threatened its survival. Over the past 50 years, PCDC has led residents and friends of Chinatown in defending Chinatown’s right to exist. PCDC has fought against and worked with government and private developers to protect Chinatown and to promote this unique cultural treasure within Philadelphia.

Chinatown has united to protest the negative impacts of a highway project, a federal prison, a baseball stadium and countless other large and small developments.

But PCDC is not primarily about opposing harmful developments, but about fostering a community that people will want to live in, visit, work in and care about. Chinatown is a business-friendly neighborhood where new, innovative and even edgy businesses find encouragement. Chinatown is also a residential community and a destination for both Asian and non-Asian residents of the
Philadelphia region. Chinatown is a tourist destination serving the many people who come for Philadelphia’s unique historical and cultural attractions, another interesting piece of the colorful mosaic that is Philadelphia.

PCDC and Chinatown think big! We do not want to merely survive but to thrive. PCDC is working on our biggest project ever, the Eastern Tower Community Center (ETCC), a mixed-use center of housing, service, commerce and recreation to be built at 10th and Vine Streets.

For years, the people of Chinatown have dreamed of a place where children can play, where our elders can gather and where the community can focus. This dream is about to become a reality. We have broken ground on ETCC. We are ready to go!

But we have dreams and plans even beyond this big project. PCDC wants to continue to develop and encourage the creation of affordable housing in Chinatown, particularly in Chinatown North, the area north of Vine Street.

Chinatown intends to be a residential and business-friendly neighborhood for a long time. We intend to be a center for Asians in Philadelphia and a place where all of our residents and visitors can experience Chinese American culture and life. Thanks to all of our supporters for believing in Chinatown and PCDC.


John Chin
Executive Director

Margaret Chin

Thomas Betz
Chair Emeritus