Security Pilot Coming to Chinatown

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The Main Street program is partnering with Comcast to bring the “Chinatown Digital Neighborhood Watch”, a pilot security program to Chinatown. Comcast will implement its newest program “Business Class Security” to provide security cameras that are monitored by a Central Station. As a part of creating this new program, Comcast is partnering with the Main Street program to offer Chinatown businesses a free six-month trial.

Security has been a concern when it comes to vandalism and illegal trash dumping. These offenses increase maintenance costs for businesses, residents and property owners. The “Chinatown Digital Neighborhood Watch’s” goal is to abate property offenses.

During the six-month trial period, a select batch of participating businesses will receive free security cameras, installation, and wireless services – with the Comcast technology the footage will be monitored by a centralized viewing station that is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Comcast will provide equipment including cameras, security sensors, and lighting. In addition to professional monitoring, participants will also be able to access their video and picture footage from a wireless device. This is a great opportunity to have a coordinated district-wide neighborhood watch approach. To learn more about this program or to join, please contact Diana Lu at 215-922-2156. As the pilot develops, PCDC will inform the district of the application and selection process.