Small Business Saturday – Shop Chinatown and Support Immigrant Businesses #AiLoveChinatown

Small Business Saturday – Shop Chinatown and Support Immigrant Businesses #AiLoveChinatown

Neighborhood businesses are the heart of communities across Philadelphia, providing jobs and goods and services for residents. While holiday shopping will look different from previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the health precautions in place, there are still many ways to support local businesses throughout the season.

Posted: 11/25/20

Saturday, November 28th, 2020 is Small Business Saturday. This event highlights the diverse small businesses that exist in Philadelphia, and encourages everyone to support their favorite local shops.

Since 1870, Philadelphia Chinatown has been an important economic hub and engine of job and business creation for Chinese and Asian immigrants. Today,  Chinatown acts as a crucial stepping stone for aspiring immigrant small business owners and innovators, who make up the majority of Chinatown’s shops and restaurants. Small and locally-owned businesses thrive and contribute to the resilient, entrepreneurial spirit of the Greater Philadelphia economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges to the Chinatown small business community. Buying from a Chinatown business not only helps to support the neighborhood economy, but it also means that you’re supporting a greater network of minority-owned suppliers and minority-employees and immigrant families that rely on Chinatown for their goods and services. From freshly-baked Hong Kong-style pastries and buns, to steaming bowls of Japanese ramen, to clothing, jewelry, and art, you can find the perfect meal or gift from small businesses in Chinatown. 


Shop Small, Shop Local, and Shop Chinatown!

Discover what Chinatown small businesses have to offer by seeing below:

Business Name:AddressBusiness Type:Phone Number:
931 Skincare & Beauty Center1005 Race StBeauty & Salon(215) 574-1768
Artiva Hair Salon217 N 11th StBeauty & Salon(267) 519-0100
Ben Hair Salon113 N 10th StBeauty & Salon(267) 761-9878
Chlitina228 N 9th StBeauty & Salon(215) 923-2388
City Beauty Salon1024 Race StBeauty & Salon(215) 925-2604
Eagle Hair Salon119 N 9th StBeauty & Salon(215) 238-9788
Elegance Hair Design923 Race StBeauty & Salon(215) 923-8338
Famous Hair Salon1010 Cherry StBeauty & Salon(267) 928-2229
Fashion Hair Mall1023 Arch StBeauty & Salon(215) 627-8888
Ga-In Beauty Zone Korean Cosmetics127 N 11th stBeauty & Salon(267) 210-0314
In Style(潮)Hair Studio137-139 N 11th StBeauty & Salon(215) 644-8803
Jiang’s Hair Salon230 N 10th StBeauty & Salon(215) 925-1599
Kai’s Beauty Salon116 N 10th StBeauty & Salon(215) 627-2771
Kevin’s Beauty Salon52 N 9th StBeauty & Salon(215) 238-9798
La Palette129 N 10th StBeauty & Salon(267) 902-0966
Ly Jen Therapy Salon121 N 11th StBeauty & Salon(215) 925-4281
Neway Hair Salon224 N 9th StBeauty & Salon(215) 283-0883
Oriental Beauty Spa139 N 9th StBeauty & Salon(267) 881-2888
Perfect Cut Hair Salon909 Race StBeauty & Salon(215) 625-3688
Rainbow Hair Styling Salon215 N 10th StBeauty & Salon(215) 928-9273
Room 209209 N 11th stBeauty & Salon(215) 644-9229
Sa Sa Beauty & Spa1004 Arch StBeauty & Salon(215) 923-8212
Thai Beauty Spa205 N 11th StBeauty & Salon(215) 928-2088
Top Cut Salon237 N 10th StBeauty & Salon(215) 939-4289
Top Hair Salon919 Race StBeauty & Salon(267) 432-6329
Zen Skin Spa1007 Race StBeauty & Salon(215) 574-1698
Chinatown Learning Center1001 Vine StEducation(215) 922-4227
Green Tree Childcare & Learning Center917 Arch StEducation(215) 238-9885
Olympik Tots Early Learning Childcare1025 Cherry StEducation(215) 667-8050
Xiaomei Arts117 N 9th StEducation(215) 238-0897
Asian Fresh Grocery142-144 N 10th StGrocery Store
Chung May Food Market II1017 Race StGrocery Store(215) 625-8883
Four Seasons Seafood226 N 10th StGrocery Store(215) 925-6625
Grocery Market1012-1014 Cherry StGrocery Store(215) 625-9966
Heng Fa Food Market130 N 10th StGrocery Store(215) 928-8989
S&D Market1037 Race StGrocery Store(215) 928-8878
S. Mart224 N 10th StGrocery Store(215) 627-9777
Tuck Hing Co218 N 10th StGrocery Store(215) 627-2079
Days Inn Philadelphia Convention Center1227 Race StHotel(215) 209-3705
Four Points by Sheraton1201 Race StHotel(215) 496-2700
Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Center City1100 Arch StHotel(215) 923-0100
Sleep Inn Center City1020 Cherry StHotel(267) 417-8288
Choi & Company, CPA218 N 9th StLegal Services(215) 629-9000
Hing Chang Law Office123 N 9th StLegal Services(215) 568-0400
Allcare Medical Equipment126 N 9th StMedical & Health Services(215) 745-4020
Arch Pharmacy933 Arch StMedical & Health Services(215) 925-9666
Central City Eyecare105 N 9th StMedical & Health Services(215) 873-0340
Core Acupuncture908 Arch StMedical & Health Services(215) 392-0939
Herbal Emporium145 N 9th StMedical & Health Services(215) 928-0388
Loyalty Insurance Association Inc205 N 9th StMedical & Health Services(215) 574-5550
Lu Zheng Acupuncture Office215 N 9th StMedical & Health Services(215) 923-8886
Neff Surgical Pharmacy222 N 9th StMedical & Health Services(215) 627-4567
Simon Su, MD109 N 9th StreetMedical & Health Services(215) 923-2810
Buddhist TZU-CHI Foundation107 N 9th StNon-profit(215) 627-1915
Buddhist TZU-CHI Foundation107 N 9th StNon-profit(215) 627-1915
Chinese Christian Church & Center225 N 10 StNon-profit(215) 627-2360
Chinese Christian Church & Center225 N 10 StNon-profit(215) 627-2360
Chinese Gospel Church222 N 12th StNon-profit(215) 964-9759
Chinese Gospel Church222 N 12th StNon-profit(215) 964-9759
Fo Shou Temple1015 Cherry StNon-profit(215) 928-0592
Fo Shou Temple1015 Cherry StNon-profit(215) 928-0592
Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic School & Church915 Vine StNon-profit(215) 922-0999
Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic School & Church915 Vine StNon-profit(215) 922-0999
AAA Foundation Consulting1009 Race StOther(267) 928-2888
Abacus Federal Savings Bank147 N 10th StOther(215) 627-9200
ActionAIDS1026 Arch StOther(267) 940-5515
All Star Travel107 N 10th StOther(267) 709-0045
Arc’s Design & Printing211 N 9th StOther(215) 238-1831
Asian Bank111 N 9th StOther(215) 592-1188
Bank of Princeton921 Arch StOther(215) 923-6200
Best Seasons Tailoring239 N 10th StOther(215) 829-0499
Central City Eyecare105 N 9th StOther(215) 873-0340
Choi Funeral Home247 N 12th StOther(215) 629-1923
Computer Phone Repair220 N 10thOther(267) 506-6620
Discover Travel Inc230 N 9th StOther(215) 925-6172
HSBC Bank1027 Arch StOther(215) 592-7440
I Heart Massage149 N 9th StOther(267) 242-9322
J & L Travel & Service Center147 N 9th StOther(215) 627-1803
King Speed Express209 N 9th StOther
Law M Wai – Print Media126 N 10th StOther(215) 625-9740
Lucky Star Auto Tag & Services151 N 9th StOther(215) 238-0806
MHC Tax Service129 N 11th StOther(215) 922-2838
MJ Wholesale214 N 10th StOther(215) 923-9500
Nationwide Insurance: Gannon Insurance Associates Inc.124 N 9th StOther(215) 629-2800
P C First Realty919 Race StOther(215) 625-8953
Parke Bank1032 Arch StOther(215) 982-1975
Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo904 Arch StOther(215) 922-7384
Philadelphia Pregnancy Center201 N 9th StOther(215) 627-2229
Phildelphia Eyeglass Labs1030 Arch StOther(215) 238-1444
Raykin Eatch Repairs60 N 9th StOther(215) 925-8663
Sandy Accounting Inc1024 Race StOther(215) 309-1883
Success Driving School120 N 9th StOther(215) 925-8833
Tian Hong Laundromat1013 Race StOther(215) 627-3387
Tian Hong Video Corp1015 Race StOther(215) 627-3387
Winona Wu131 N 9th StOther(215) 922-3700
Xiaoli MA MD121 N 9th StOther(215) 629-8866
Zhao’s Service Inc118 N 10th stOther(215) 922-6999
A Cup of Tea115 N 9th StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 239-5566
A La Mousse145 N 11th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-9100
Asia Bakery115 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-9295
Authentic LanZhou Hand Pulled Noodle935 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 982-1997
Bai Wei (Sakura)1038 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 873-8338
Banana Leaf1009 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 592-8288
Banh Mi Cali900 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-1132
Bar-Ly Chinatown101 N 11th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-2688
Bennie’s Poultry208 N 9th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 440-0388
Bonchon Chicken1020 Cherry StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 439-6686
Bread Top House1041 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-3802
Bubblefish909 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 930-7634
Canto House941 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 881-8880
China King Restaurant922 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-2880
Chu Shang Spicy925 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-9999
Chuan Kee927 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 923-1936
Chubby Cattle146 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(866) 622-8853
Cily Chicken Rice933 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 982-1113
Dae Bak1016 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 457-5876
David’s Mai Lai Wah1001 Race St, #1Restaurant/Food Store(215) 627-2610
Delightful Garden906 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-5588
Dim Sum Garden1020 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 873-0258
Ding Ho Noodle Co930 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-2929
E Mei Restaurant915 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 627-2500
Elixr Coffee Roasters315 N 12th StRestaurant/Food Store(239) 404-1730
Frozen Rolled Ice Cream938 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 245-5118
Good Harvest937 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-8826
Heung Fa Chun Sweet House112 N 10th stRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-8969
Hi Kori1016 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 758-6118
Hippot Shabu Shabu1002 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-8838
Ho Sai Gai Restaurant1000 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-4930
Hong Kong Bakery Shop917 Race stRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-1288
International Bakery232 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 627-5831
Jade Harbor Restaurant942 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-0451
Jin Wei Restaurant925 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-8855
K C’s Pastries109 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-8808
Ken’s Seafood Restaurant1004 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-3837
Khmer Grill1016 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 454-6533
Kurry Korner1016 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 372-7348
Lau Kee Restaurant934 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 201-3511
Lee How Fook Restaurant219 N 11th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-7266
Love City Brewing1023 Hamilton StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 398-1900
Luen Fong Food & Produce928 Winter StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-9282
M Kee1002 N 11th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-8883
Mango Mango1013 Cherry StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-2233
Mayflower Bakery1008 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 629-5668
Megumi Sushi915 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 733-0128
Ming River Side Walk House148 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 625-9555
Moge Tee1025 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 608-8849
Mong Kok Station Bakery153 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-9228
More Sugar125 N 11th stRestaurant/Food Store(267) 541-2260
Mr. Wish216 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 457-2650
Mr.Deer the Camp1023 Cherry StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-5888
Nan Yang Asian Cuisine932 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-1288
Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House1022 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 923-1550
New World Laundromat & Food Market136 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-1577
Nine Ting926 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-9996
Ocean Harbor Restaurant1023 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 574-1398
Oishii Poke938 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 909-8358
Paris Baguette923 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-8888
Penang117 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 413-2531
Philly Poké1016 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 930-3674
Pho 20234 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 413-2020
Pho Cali Vietnamese Restaurant1000 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 629-1888
Pho Xe Lua Viet Thai Restaurant907 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 627-8883
Prince Tea House203 N 9th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 560-8912
Q & Q Live Poultry Market1120 Spring Garden StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 763-0230
QT Vietnamese Sandwich48 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 639-4520
Rangoon Burmese Restaurant112 N 9th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 829-8939
Ray’s Café & Teahouse141 N 9th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-5122
Red Kings 2 Restaurant1006 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-1392
Sang Kee Peking Duck House238 N 9th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-7532
ShangHai 1123 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 457-5363
Shaxian Delicacies106 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 923-9888
Shiao Lan Kunng Restaurant930 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-0282
Shimiaodao Yunnan Rice Noodle901 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 310-7788
Siu Kee Duck House111 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-3075
Solo Skewer Bar50 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-8828
Spice C Hand Drawn Noodles131 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 923-2222
St Honore Pastries935 Race stRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-5298
Szechuan Four Rivers936 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 629-8385
Tai Jiang “Chinese Restaurant”104 N 10th stRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-0261
Tai Lake Restaurant134 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-0698
Tango Karaoke Lounge1021 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-8100
Tea Do132 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-8889
Terakawa Ramen204 N 9th StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 687-1355
The Chinese Noodle Factory131 N 11th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 922-1688
The Halal Guys1016 Race StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-2225
Tiger Sugar122 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store
Ting Wong Restaurant138 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 928-1883
Tom’s Dim Sum59 N 11th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 923-8880
Triple Bottom Brewing915 Spring Garden StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 764-1994
Tsaōcaa & BBQ Chicken938 Race StreetRestaurant/Food Store(267) 519-8303
T-Swirl Crepe150 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 238-0111
TT Skewer225 N 11th StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 928-2646
Vietnam Restaurant221 N 11th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 592-1163
Vivi Bubble Tea145 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(267) 318-7384
Xi’an Sizzling Woks902 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 925-1688
Xun Yu Si Kao140 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 278-2366
Yakitori Boy211 N 11th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 923-8088
Yamitsuki1028 Arch StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 629-3888
Zhi Izakaya210 N 9th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 629-5888
Zhong Gang Bakery127 N 10th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 923-8268
Zio Pizza Palace & Grill157 N 9th StRestaurant/Food Store(215) 629-0200
Apollo Glass Window & Signs214 N 9th StRetail Store(215) 574-5677
Asia Crafts (Sanrio)124 N 10th StRetail Store(215) 925-3974
China Town Dollar928 Arch StRetail Store(215) 923-2883
DIA Boutique931 Race StRetail Store(215) 923-9336
Elegant Home Center910 Arch StRetail Store(215) 922-0268
General Restaurant Equipment Supply Inc.1018 Cherry StRetail Store(215) 928-0880
L&L Lucky Market155 N 10th StRetail Store(215) 922-6688
Legend Furniture913 Arch StRetail Store(215) 625-3668
Long Life Chinese Herbs1011 Arch StRetail Store(215) 625-9302
Pak Food Co48 N 9th StRetail Store(215) 592-7055
Sunshine Bedding143 N 9th StRetail Store(267) 777-3758
Wanbao Limited Co.929 Arch StRetail Store

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