PCDC Homebuyer Education Workshop on June 20th

PCDC Homebuyer Education Workshop on June 20th

Just like usual, PCDC held its homebuyer education workshop on the 3rd Thursday of the month. At this time, we invited two lenders and one realtor as guest speakers. There were nine people who had a dream to be a homeowner attended the workshop.

During the workshop, PCDC talked about steps to homeownership, homeowner’s benefit and responsibility, and the importance of credit. The two lenders presented “qualifying for a mortgage” and “mortgage types” respectively. And the realtor told attendees what they can do for clients, such as making an offer, sign agreement of sale, tips for homebuyer etc.

It is worth mentioning that PCDC’s housing counselor focused on the “Philly First Home” program, which can assist 1st time home buyers with grants up to $10,000 towards their down payment / closing fee. We knew people are interested to this grant, so our housing counselor explained the eligibility and application process to attendees, as were as where they can go to apply for it.

The most frequently asked question in this workshop was about credit. Question such as, “If I do not have any credit, can I get a mortgage?” The answer from two lenders were: YES! Even you don’t have any credit, you can still get a mortgage by using non-traditional credit.

PCDC would like to thank the attendees active participation, and thank for the lenders and realtor for answering the
questions in the workshop. This event would not have been successful without your support.