What Chinatown Needs To Know About the Upcoming DNC

On Monday, June 13th, 2016 Chinatown residents, small business and restaurant owners met with individuals from the Managing Director’s Office, Office of Emergency Management, Commerce Department, Philadelphia Police Department, and Democratic National Convention Committee about the upcoming DNC convention.


On June 18, PCDC hosted its 8th annual Expo—an event aiming to make resources more accessible to the Chinatown Community. With sunny skies and the excited attitudes of the community, the PCDC 2016 Expo was a great success.


Attention ACCESS Cardholders! Take advantage and visit Philadelphia’s art and cultural destinations for a nominal fee. Philadelphia non-profit, Art-Reach, has partnered with 32 museums, gardens and historic sites in Philadelphia to offer admission at a deeply discounted rate of $2 a person for ACCESS Cardholders.

PCDC Goes to Canada and Plays Mahjong

On June 18 to 19, I joined a conference of North American Chinatowns in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I, along with other representatives from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, as well as Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Seattle were invited to speak.