Chinatown Learns About Trash and Recycling Disposal

Chinatown Learns About Trash and Recycling Disposal

PCDC and Streets Department partnered to provide fun workshops to educate residents on proper trash and recycling disposal at PCDC’s EXPO on June 1st. The twenty minute workshop covered topics and issues that were pertinent to the Chinatown community.

PCDC Staff, Lamei Zhang led the workshop with help from volunteers

For instance, bags of trash are often seen along sidewalks throughout the week in Chinatown. This is not correct. Here are the setout times for trash and recycling between April 1 and September 30:

– after 7:00 pm the night before trash day; and
– Before 7:00 am the day of collection.

Please do not put trash out during non-set out times, it increases the likelihood of littering and could attract vermin to the block.

Attendees played simple games which tested them on when they could set trash out, making the workshop fun and educational. Attendees received recycling bins.

Over 100 recycling bins were distributed. Many of the attendees were excited to see lids available for the bins.

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