PCDC’s 2019 EXPO Recap

PCDC’s 2019 EXPO Recap On June 1st, PCDC held its 2019 EXPO at the Chinese Christian Church & Center. This is the 11th year that PCDC has held this annual […]

City Government – New Sprinkler Requirements

City Government – New Sprinkler Requirements Following the devastating 4-alarm President’s Day 2018 fire on the 200 block of Chestnut Street, the City of Philadelphia passed a new requirement for […]

The Importance of Good Credit Series – #8

The Importance of Good Credit Series – #8 Keeping Your Credit Strong Now that you have established credit, you must work diligently to keep it in good standing. Here are […]

Crane Chinatown Update

Crane Chinatown Update Construction on Crane Chinatown is almost complete. The exterior finishes will be completed this week and the model unit is ready to show. Check out the model […]

Calligraphy Exhibition—Fun and Games

Calligraphy Exhibition—Fun and Games Several weeks ago on April 6, 2019, PCDC held an art exhibition to showcase the beautiful Chinese calligraphy done by Chinatown residents. In addition to showcasing […]

2019 Chinatown Spring Cleanup

2019 Chinatown Spring Cleanup On April 6, 2019, PCDC hosted the 12th Annual Chinatown Spring Cleanup. The Chinatown Spring Cleanup is part of the greater Philly Spring Cleanup event, and […]