The Dirtiest Street in Chinatown

PCDC has received complaints concerning the unsanitary conditions on Appletree Street. Bags of trash were overflowing from the dumpsters last month. Graffiti covered the walls and the stench from puddles […]

Opportunities for Small Business Owners

1) Storefront Improvement Program:  Although still new to Chinatown’s dining scene, Canton 11 has one of the neighborhood’s most notable storefronts. Their unique look was possible through the Philadelphia Commerce […]

Chinatown Votes

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, the Chinese Christian Church and Center was packed full of excited first-time and returning voters. The early morning saw people lining up outside the Church […]

Zoning and Planning

PCDC’s Planning Committee meets at 6pm on the second Tuesday of each month as the Registered Community Organization (RCO) for the boundaries of 8th to 13th Street, Filbert to Spring […]

Chinatown Testifies at the AFFH Hearing

On Thursday, November 17th, representatives of the Chinatown community gathered at the Division of Housing and Community Development offices to testify at the Fair Housing Assessment hearing. Long-time residents spoke […]