Voter’s ID

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Are voters aware of or understand the identification requirements of the new PA Voter ID law? For those voters without the necessary identification, will the new law impinge on their rights?

Since PCDC’s founding, it has endeavored to em-power Chinatown residents and those who are connected to Chinatown . Education and civic engagement, including voter education and registration, have been core to PCDC’s strategy.

It is important to make sure that voters are aware of the new law and armed with information. PCDC, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Asian Pacific American Bar Association of PA held a press conference on July 2nd to do just that. Two weeks later on July 19th PCDC executive director John Chin joined AARP’s rally challenging PA’s Voter ID law. PCDC will continue to educate people on the new law and assist those who seek help.

According to state election officials, more than 700,000 registered voters in PA lack the required identification to vote in the November general elections. This law will place a heavy burden on Philadelphia’s diverse communities, including Chinatown.